Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Part 1

Last week we traveled to Tyler to celebrate Christmas with my family. My family and my mom's four sisters and their families get together every year Christmas. There were a ton of people there this year and it was a little chaotic at times with the kiddos, but overall they did fantastic with all the commotion. The boys had fun opening presents and Tyler kept asking to open more presents throughout the afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn't have anymore presents for him to open. In fact, we still have presents under the tree for the Johnson side of the family and he managed to open one of those Monday morning! I was blow drying my hair and I turned off the dryer to hear a strange noise that I couldn't identify. I went to go check on the boys and realized it was the shredding of paper as he ripped through the wrapping paper. I managed to stop him before he actually opened the box! What a stinker! The boys got a Ford F-150 Power Wheels Truck from my parents that they LOVE! Tyler drives Cooper around in it and Cooper controls the radio. They have driven that truck non-stop since they opened it. It was definitely the highlight of their Christmas!

On Christmas Eve before bedtime in their Christmas PJs. (This was the best picture I could get!)

Papa putting the truck together. He has had the box for weeks and decided about 10:00 on Christmas Eve night to open it. That is when he realized they actually had to assemble the truck! DUH!

Papa and Daddy working hard.

Tyler was very excited about finding out what Santa brought him.

Cooper ready to open his stocking.

Tearing into his stocking!

Cooper was so excited about his animal crackers we had to open them immediately and have some. They didn't last long!

Opening presents!

Cooper opening his basketball goal.

Tyler seeing the truck for the first time. Priceless face!

Going for a joy ride.

My favorite pic!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Travis wasn't joking about the beasty truck. I guess I'm going to have to get a bigger truck to compete with your boys. Can't wait until tommorrow.


Christa said...

That's awesome, Sarah. i love the truck, and it sounds like you guys had great time. WE miss you and I'm really bummed that we didn't get the little ones together again before we moved.... I'm bummed we didn't get together before we left too!
I will keep up with your blog though and hopefully we can chat once in a while.


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