Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Luke

Luke Caleb Hoover made his grand entrance today at 12:30 pm. He is precious and looks a lot like his big brother Reese did as a baby. He was 8 lbs. and 21 inches long. I got to stay at the hospital just long enough to get to hold him. Tyler and Cooper are excited to have another boy cousin to run around with and I'm excited to have another nephew to love! Here are some pictures from the day.

Kyle bringing Luke into the nursery so we could see him for the first time.

Warming up in the incubator.

Christine finally making her way out of the recovery room.

I got to hold him first because I had to leave. He already knows I'm his favorite aunt!

Look at his crazy hair- just like his brother Reese!


Proud Mama!


Kelsey and Charlie said...

Congratulations to everyone!

brickmomma said...

thanks for the pictures!


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