Tuesday, January 15, 2008

21 Months!

Tyler is 21 months! I can hardly believe it! He is turning in to such a little boy. He continues to crack us up on a daily basis and amazes us with all that he is learning. His favorite things these days are ELMO, building blocks, playing outside, going for walks, and playing with his tractors and trucks. He also amazes us with how quickly he can destroy a clean room. He likes to drag EVERYTHING out, but he is a great helper when it is time to clean up. He is such a sweetheart most of the time!

Getting so BIG!

Hijacking Cooper's new toys!

Putting Daddy to bed.

Cooper helped me wake Tyler up from his nap.

Building a big tower of blocks. He likes different people to knock them over once he has built them. Most of the time Cooper or Elmo gets to knock the blocks over!

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