Saturday, June 02, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

Today we took Tyler to the zoo for the first time. Uncle Ross and Aunt Kim met us there and braved the heat with us. He had a good time, but I think Uncle Ross had the best time out of everyone. Tyler might still be a little young to appreciate the zoo, but he did notice a lot of the animals. All of the adults were pooped after we left, but Tyler was as energetic as ever!

Tyler looking at the animals.

Daddy showing Tyler some animals.

The baby elephant was really cute!

Tyler wearing Daddy's sunglasses on the way home! Too cool!!!


Dana said...

Tyler is the best travelled 1 year old I know! He has the best experiences--zoo, discovery science, livestock show, weddings, rain puddles, the river, hog hunting, farms --you name it he does it!

I caught up on all the pictures tonight and Tyler is such fun to see in all of them! I miss him already!! Give him kisses and hugs from Gram.

Love, Mom

aunt kim said...

It was fun going to the zoo with you all. I would have to agree that uncle Ross had the most fun.


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