Tuesday, June 12, 2007

14 months!

Tyler is now fourteen months! He is growing up fast and Travis and I have both noticed him doing more and more big things! He is learning new things all the time and has really started to babble a lot more. He has learned two new signs in the last week- shoes and baby. Yesterday I showed him where Baby Cooper was in my tummy and I asked him to give the baby kisses and he did. Later when Travis came home we asked him where the baby was and he lifted my shirt and kissed my belly! It was really cute, but I'm pretty sure he is still clueless about what that really means. He is a really loving little boy and loves to give kisses to everyone, including his teddy bear and the pictures in his books. He seems to really be interested in his books lately, always wanting to look at new ones. Most of the time he isn't patient enough to sit there and let us read him the book. Tyler also loves playing with his tractors (which were actually Travis' as a little boy). I guess when we play tractors with him we make "tractor noises" because he has now started making noises when he plays with his tractors. It's really funny to hear.

This past weekend the Johnson's came to visit and we all had a good time. Tyler loves playing with his Grandma and Papa. Uncle Ross and Aunt Kim came to visit from Katy too. Tyler loves all of the attention he gets from everyone. The boys also built Tyler a sandbox in the backyard. It's really nice and he loves playing in it. I'll have to get some pictures of him in the sandbox and post them later.

My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Papa Johnson pushing Tyler around in the wheelbarrow.


Kelsey and Charlie said...

Too cool for school in those shades and apparently too cool for his diaper as well! :)

Dana said...

Love those shades! Tyler is just too cute for words!


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