Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When is Daddy getting home?

Yesterday evening Tyler crawled to the french doors in the living room and pulled up to his knees and stayed there for about 20 minutes looking out the door. It was if he knew it was about time for Daddy to be home and he was anxiously awaiting his arrival. Tyler gets so excited when Daddy comes home. He loves playing with him at night before bed.

Tyler will be 7 months tomorrow! That is so hard for me to believe. He is getting more and more curious and active all the time. His new favorite activity is pulling up on anything he can find. He just pulls up to his knees, but we have occasionally seen him pull up to a standing position. I'll take some 7 month pictures and try and post them tomorrow.

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Sam McClure said...

He is just adorable; his smile is absolutely priceless! sherry


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