Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On the Move!!!

After two months of scooting, Tyler finally decided he would start crawling! He is more active than ever before. Some of his favorite activities include pulling up on anything and everything he can find, playing peekabo behind the ottoman, and ripping up magazines and paper and then throwing a fit when mama takes it away from him. He has also started waving, but it is very random and he doesn't really do it as a response yet.

He is finally feeling better after all of these stupid ear infections. I feel like keeping him in our house during flu season so he won't get sick again. Tyler is getting more fun everyday, but is also showing signs of the temper tantrums to come. :(

Tyler loves, loves, loves his Daddy! If Dad is in the room, Tyler wants to be with him. Today he bumped his head and I tried to console him, but NO, Tyler wanted his Daddy. The minute Travis took him the crying stopped. I guess he is going to totally be a Daddy's boy.

Well, I would post some pictures but our digital camera broke over the holiday. Maybe Santa will hook me up with a new camera.

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I can't believe how big Tyler is getting; AND, he is such a doll...in a boyish way!


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