Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fall Festivities

Last week a group of girls from church headed out to the Oil Ranch with our kids for the day. The Oil Ranch is a huge ranch with pony rides, hayrides, train rides, and other activities for the kiddos. We had a lot of fun even though we got rained on. The hayride was hilarious because you went out to the pasture and the cows would come right up to the trailer to be fed. They would stick their entire head through the trailer to get to the hay we were all sitting on. Some of the kids freaked out, but Tyler took it in stride.

The Train Ride The cow eating the hay we are sitting on during the hayride.
Tyler and Mama on the hayride.

The Train Ride


Aunt Kim said...

I didn't know the oil ranch was still around. Kristen and I went there a lot when we were little. Looks like you all had fun. Tyler really is starting to look like Travis to me.

Christine said...

The one with Tyler and you looks like he's saying "what you talking about willis"


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