Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weekend at the Lake

Over Labor Day Weekend we went to Lake LBJ with Ross and Kim. Kyle and Rachel met us up there and we all spent the weekend at the lake. Tyler had a lot of fun and got to experience the lake for the first time. He loves the water a lot, but Crockett probably loves it more! Thanks to the Juds for letting us stay at their lakehouse!
The boys went fishing and caught some delicious bass. (I'm pretty sure those aren't bass, but I don't know what they are so I thought I give a shout out to Napoleon Dynamite)

Playing with Rachel.

Crockett worn out after a day of swimming.

Daddy and Tyler swimming in the lake.


Gram said...

What a pair--Tyler and Travis!This is a great picture!

Gram said...

You can see why Tyler is such a white boy!

Travis said...

Watch your mouth ddog! You know the farmer tan is sweet.


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