Friday, September 08, 2006

5 months!

Tyler is 5 months old today! I seriously cannot believe that he is five months old. So in honor of his 5th month I decided I would write my top 5 favorite things about my little boy and 5 things new mom's have to be thankful for.

Favorite things about Tyler
1. I love his precious smile that can melt my heart so easily.

2. I love his crazy pterodactyl sounds that he makes when you lift him high above your head.

3. I love his sweet personality and that he wakes up happy.

4. I love that he snorts when he cries! Have you ever heard such a thing?

5. I love that he lights up when he sees Travis come in the room. Last night Tyler was starting to fuss because it was close to bedtime. Travis came inside after mowing the lawn and Tyler just smiled for 5 minutes and laughed at his daddy.

Things to be Thankful For
1. Grandparents who buy clothes, toys, and are always willing to babysit!

2. Sisters, friends, and moms who are willing to share advice or just listen when you are frustrated and at the end of your rope.

3. Naptime! Sometimes you just need a break!

4. Spray N' Wash! This is my new best friend. Sometimes after an explosive diaper you think it would be better to just throw the clothes away, but Spray N' Wash saves the day!

5. Your precious baby!


Gram said...

I love your top 5 lists! I'm so thankful for you, Tyler, and Travis! (And of course for Christine, Kyle, Will, and Reese!) Dad and I are truly blessed.

Christine said...

I like your post. Wish we could have seen you guys today. Sorry it didn't work out.

Gram said...

Could you post some more pictures? It seems like so long since we got to see Tyler and he's changing so much.

Lauren Dempsey said...

Sarah, go see my blog.


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