Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gag 'Em

It is 11:42 on Saturday night and I just watched my beloved aggies squeak by the vaunted Army football team. Why do I torture myself watching every game? Why do I keep getting excited about the team when they beat up on U La La? Why do I think next year is going to be any better because the new recruits are going to be so much better? These are all good questions. I don't have a good answer except that I am a guy and an Aggie football fan. I will be subject to a life of torture and unbelievable heartache for the rest of my life.
Stop watching or caring so much you say? Oh, I am afraid it's not that easy my friend. This is the life that I have chosen as an Aggie football fan. What a wonderful life it is!!!!

Maybe A&M will win a national championship in Tyler's lifetime because it sure doesn't look like it will happen in mine.

Gag 'Em Aggies

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