Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tyler is 2 months!

We celebrated Tyler's 2 month birthday and our 4th anniversary today! Tyler has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks. He is smiling a lot more and is cooing so much. He likes to respond to us when we talk to him. He is getting to be so much fun. Sarah took him to Tyler for a wedding shower and to visit family. He did great in a new environment and even slept through the night twice while we were there! He isn't consistent with sleeping through the night yet but that's okay. Here are some pictures we took this week. Only Sarah's family will appreciate the picture of Tyler wearing the hat and sunglasses! Tyler was just letting Papa know that he is ready to go to the lake! Tomorrow we go for his 2 month checkup so I will write more tomorrow.


Christine said...

LOVE the Zantac hat and fly glasses. Reese and Will are ready for the lake as well, PaPa.

Christine said...

Did I mention that he's got your cheeks, Sarah? The face cheeks at least...I don't know about the other cheeks.


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