Saturday, June 10, 2006

House for Sale!

Well, not yet but it will be soon. We met with a realtor today and we will be putting our house on the market very soon. We just have to fill out some paperwork and take pictures before they list it. We are excited about selling it and have found another lot that we really like and would like to buy. We are going to try and wait and sell the house first before we buy it. Getting the house ready to sell has been keeping Sarah very busy along with caring for Tyler but it has been worth it. All of the closets are cleaned out and Goodwill has definitely benefited!

I took Tyler to the doctor yesterday only to find out our insurance was cancelled. Long story but I was very angry and frustrated with my company regarding this and we will be working on straightening this out this week so Tyler can get his checkup and first round of immunizations. I have also decided that health insurance is a total rip off. We pay so much every month and my insurance doesn't even cover Well Baby Care or immunizations. The immunizations were going to be around $500 so we decided to reschedule and we think we are going to add Tyler to Travis' insurance because routine visits and immunizations are only $25 per visit. So I guess the inurance being cancelled was a blessing in disguise because we were able to determine it would be better to pay more each month for Tyler to be on Travis' insurance. What a mess!

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Gram said...

I'm just now catching up after 3 weeks with your blog. Tyler is so cute!!! We already miss him since he left just this week!

I hope all goes well with the house selling and a smooth move for y'all.

Happy belated 4th anniversary!


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