Sunday, August 05, 2012

Walkin' in High Cotton!

The other night we all headed out to visit Granpda at one of his cotton fields before he finished picking cotton later this week.  The boys were really excited about riding the cotton picker.  We also took some obligatory family pictures in the cotton fields.

The family in the cotton field.  Notice Claire's choice of style!

 Daddy and his farming girl!

I looked up at Travis and you could see all the cotton in the reflection of his sunglasses.  I thought it looked pretty cool! 

The kiddos with Grandma and Grandpa 

 Grandma and her crazy girl!

 Farmer Johnson going to check on the fields!

 Beautiful field of white cotton!

 Riding off into the sunset

 Tyler and Claire rode with Daddy on one cotton picker, while Cooper and Grandpa rode together on the other one.  Midway through the row Grandpa's cotton picker broke down and he had to carry Cooper in his arms the rest of the way out of the field.  We teased Cooper that he broke the cotton picker.

The kids up close!


Fleming Family said...

These are great pictures of the kids and the cotton! Claire is quite styling in her upside down sunglasses and boots! I did a doubletake in looking at the picture of her with Travis--it looks just like you at that age! Hope the cotton crop is great!

Arianne said...

Hi I'm a new visitor! I was looking at some Pintrest ideas and the blog I was visiting had your blog off to the side and the title of your blog with 'boys' caught my eye. We have boys and also live on a farm in Kansas! Lovely blog and I like your new room!! Hope to come back in my rare spare time :) and read somemore!


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