Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School!

The last of my kids started school today!  The kids are all at different schools this year and they have had a staggered start.  Claire started first on the 13th, Cooper on the 16th, and Tyler finally started today.  Cooper and Claire had a great start.  Tyler had a little bit of a rocky start this morning.  I took him to school by himself this morning and walked him to his room.  When we walked in their were kids sitting at two tables which were already full, so Tyler sat at a table by himself.  He started tearing up when I asked if he was ready for me to leave.  He said he was upset because he didn't recognize any of the other kids in his class from last year.  I knew there were a couple of kids that were going to be in his class so I waited until they showed up.  He still wasn't his happy self when I left and it was really hard to leave him.  But when I picked him up from school this afternoon he was much better and told Travis he had an awesome day.  I'm so glad that his day turned around!

Ready for 1st Grade!

 Cooper ready for Pre-K!

 Claire and Coop saying goodbye

 Cooper and Brooklynn ready for class!

 Little Miss Priss needed her picture taken!  This picture cracks me up because it shows how tall Claire is.  Brooklynn is almost 5 and Claire just turned 2.

 Claire ready for Ms. Estella's Class!

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Fleming Family said...

I nearly cried when I saw your post about Tyler sitting by himself. So glad he ended up having such a great day. The pictures of the kids are so cute!! Give them all big hugs for us!


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