Wednesday, November 02, 2011

18 Months!

My precious baby girl turned 18 months in October! And because she hit that milestone she got to start preschool! Can I get an AMEN? She goes twice a week the same days that Cooper goes, which means I am a free woman from 8-1! I told Travis yesterday that I'm like Super Woman on those days. I can get so much accomplished in those 5 hours because I'm not dragging 2-3 children along with me. It is awesome and it is well worth the extra money!

Claire definitely wasn't as happy as mama with the transition, but she is already making progress. She didn't cry yesterday as I left and the teacher said she is becoming more interactive with the other kids. She has some really sweet, cute kiddos in her class and her teacher is amazing with that age. I think she is going to really grow to love it! And big brother Cooper is just right around the corner if she ever needs him!

Claire had her first "incident" on Sunday night. Travis was at their preschool working at the fundraiser and I had just given all the kids a bath. Claire was already in her pajamas and the boys were told to go in their room and put their pajamas on. Claire followed them to their room while I went to go pull some laundry out of the dryer. I heard unusual screaming from Claire and went go check on her. She looked up at me and had blood all over her forehead. Evidently one of the boys lifter her up on Tyler's bed (she can't climb up on his bed by herself). She fell trying to get down and hit her head on one of the open dresser drawers. It was pretty bloody at first so it was hard to tell how deep it was, but I definitely thought it needed medical attention. I called Travis and he came home because I was not heading to the ER with three kids on a Sunday night! He called his boss, Dr. Leibert, on the way home asking him where he thought we should take her. He said he would just come over and take a look at it. He was able to glue her head back together with no problem and saved us hours and hundreds of dollars at the ER! The cut is right at her hair line, so if it scars it won't be a big deal. Now each of the kids has a matching scar somewhere on their head!

Claire is growing fast and is starting to really talk a lot. Travis and I got a good laugh out of her the other day. I had given Claire some goldfish in a bowl and she immediately spilled them and I said, "Seriously, Claire?" and she responded, "Serioussy!" She said it just like me and we all got a good laugh!

We love you, princess!

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