Monday, February 21, 2011

Soccer Star

Last week Tyler started playing soccer and Saturday he had his first game. To sum the game up in one word... HILARIOUS! We were thoroughly entertained watching the game. This is Tyler's first time to play any sport. Some of the other boys had played before and some of them were actually pretty good. They play on a small field and play 3 on 3. Some of the boys would kick the ball at one end of the field and score a goal on the other end of the field. Tyler's team lost pretty badly, but I'm pretty sure Tyler never even realized or cared that they lost. He was happy to just get a snack and get a juice box at the end of the game.

A little apprehensive before the game.

Warming up before the game.

Getting ready for kickoff!

Tyler's number one fan!!!

Taking a break.


Fleming Family said...

Way to go Tyler!! I can't wait to see a game!

L. Madeley said...

Look at that cute dress!!
Have you checked out the new blog??


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