Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monster Jam

The boys got tickets to Monster Jam for Christmas, so yesterday Daddy and Grandpa loaded up the boys and headed out to see the Monster trucks! Tyler wasn't so sure about everything when they started revving up the trucks, but Cooper loved all of it. The brought out motorcycles towards the end and Tyler really liked that the best. All in all, I think they had a great day! This morning before church they had a bunch of cars lined up and had their toy monster trucks crashing over them.

Grandpa and the boys!

Some of the Monster Trucks

The boys taking it all in.

Crazy- it looks like the truck on the right is about to flip backwards.

One of the motorcycle stunts.

One of the trucks crashed and the boys came home saying that was one of their favorite parts!

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Sherry said...

That is too cute. If they liked the crash, y'all should take them to a hockey game. They would like that. There's a lot of entertainment or even one of the basketball games. That team in McAllen is the Rockets, sub team, or whatever you call that :)


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