Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Bathroom

We finally finished the guest bathroom this past week. This is one of the areas that I had Layla from the Lettered Cottage help me with. I think it turned out pretty good and it was probably our cheapest room to remodel. Here are the before pics:

And After:

In this bathroom we painted the cabinetry, installed new hardware, installed new lighting, put in a new butcher block countertop, installed a tile backsplash, built and installed shelves, and painted the walls.

The tile backsplash was not in the original plans, but once we ripped out the old blue tile countertops some of the cabinetry on the right side was messed up and so we needed something to cover it up. I think it turned out good. We reused the faucet and the sink was a sink Travis had from one of his old houses that never got used.

Travis built and stained the shelves.

A better look of the overall room. The shower curtain was the same one we had in the old house. The stool was a find at Canton.

This bathroom is also used as a pool bathroom. That door leads to the backyard and pool area.

I'm so glad one more room is done. Our Master Bedroom and Bathroom are the next major projects on the horizon. We have started the bedroom, but the bathroom has yet to be touched. In fact, it is a total disaster area!


Karyn Hatch said...

That looks great, Sarah...can't wait to see your house again from the last time I saw it. I'm sure it is all beautiful! Y'all have great taste and do an awesome job!

Katie said...

OMG...I am obsessed with those countertops. I can't wait to see ya'lls house and pick your brain on all these projects ya'll have been doing. It is looking great.

Ashley McWhorter said...

Looks awesome! I have that stool from Canton. Love it!

Flo said... do you find the time to do all that...remodel, decorate, etc. with kids? I only have two and I can't seem to find one hour!!! Can Travis come here, please?

Jessi said...

Another amazing transformation! I love how crisp and clean the white is!

And yes, how do you guys get so much accomplished with three little people needing your attention? Very impressive!

Fleming Family said...

WOW! The bathroom looks awesome! Great job. Travis deserves another day of fishing!

Jenna K said...

Can you tell me what color that stain is? Maybe what brand as well? We are doing a similar bathroom project and like the dark, richness of the stain you chose on your butcher block. Thanks!


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