Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Months!

I'm late posting this, but Claire turned 5 months last week! I caught some cute pictures of her this past week and so I thought I would share. Claire is such a joy to our family. I was looking up the meaning of her name this week. Tyler means a Tile maker and Cooper means a Barrel Maker, so I'm obviously not a name your kid based on the meaning of their names kind of gal. But when I pulled Claire's name up it said "Bright" and I think it fits her so well. She is a bright light in our little family and she brings so much happiness and joy to all of us. She is a super easy going little baby and I hope she will continue to be like this. She flashes that beautiful smile at anyone who will look her way. We love her to pieces and are so thankful for God's precious gift to us!


sebrister said...

What a doll! She surely looks like you in some of these photos. I'd love to kiss those cheeks. :)

Fleming Family said...

Great pictures of Claire Bear!

Christa said...

Hey Sarah. I am about to head to Harlingen to get my car worked on for a bit...thought I would call you but I can't find where you gave me your number? Can you resend it and maybe we could meet up sometime in the near future? You can send it to me on facebook if you don't mind. THanks!

Oh and my cell is 903-372-5585.


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