Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trip around Texas

The past couple of weeks the kids and I have been traveling around Texas visiting family and friends. It was a great trip and we fit a lot in while we were gone. I have to say Claire is the greatest little traveler we have had- she did amazing on the drive. We were in the car for over 22 hours total there and back and she was such a trooper! I was very thankful since I drove over 14 hours of that time by myself. We started the trip by stopping in Katy to visit one of my dear friends, Callie. She had twin girls 11 days after Claire was born and I was dying to see them! She also has a 2 year old little boy who my boys loved to play with. Callie is doing an amazing job with all three of them! Unfortunately I didn't get any pics with the girls! UGH!!! I don't know how that happened. Here are some pics I got at bedtime. We put all three boys in Carson's room and we didn't know if they were ever going to go to sleep!

Callie reading a bedtime story

The next day we headed up to Tyler to visit Gram and Papa. Christine and her boys came the next day and we planned an action packed week to keep the kids busy and on the go. Claire was so happy to see her Aunt Christine again! And Will was SO excited about meeting his first girl cousin! He wanted to hold her right away.

We hit up Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Cooper's birthday a little bit early. Who knew that Chuck E. Cheese opened at 9 am??? We decided to go at 9 so we could let the kids play tons of games and be able to leave before we would have to eat lunch there! :) We met some of my cousins and their kiddos there. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was awesome. The kids (and Papa) ran around and had a blast playing all the games.

Christine and I found the game that was on Bozo the Clown for the grand prize and we just had to play and compete against each other! We talked about how we always wanted to be the kid to play the grand prize game.

Oops! Definitely wouldn't have won the grand prize!

Dance Dance Revolution- We are still horrible!

One day we headed to Kilgore to visit Great Gramm and Grandpappy. Gramm has been dying to get her hands on Claire! It was a little chaotic because the backyard was wet from all the rain and 5 boys running around my grandparents house was a little crazy. I hope my grandparents survived the chaos!

We had to have a tea party while we were there!

Gramm finally got her hands on Claire!

Grandpappy's turn

One morning we headed to the children's museum and the boys had a blast.

I got a horrible flash to the future when all the boys are old enough to drive and they are cruising around town together!

We also broke out the Slip N Slide and spent many afternoons out there. The boys had never played on a Slip N Slide before and they kept just running on it, so finally Christine and I decided to show them how it is supposed to be done! We were fully dressed, but went for it anyway. I'm sure it was a comical sight. I took a picture of Christine sliding below.

The boys making cookies one afternoon with Christine!

After a great week in Tyler we headed back to The Woodlands/Spring to stay with our good friends the Mings. Travis flew up for the weekend and we had a fabulous weekend seeing friends and going to our old church. Unfortunately I didn't unpack the camera that weekend and so I left without getting any pictures! On Sunday we started heading back and we finally made it home 8 hours later. We had such a great trip and it was so wonderful getting to see so many people that we love!


Flo said...

Such a great time with family! Sarah, you have no idea how blessed you are to have a baby that rides so well. From Day 1, Sophie hated riding. Even now at 18 months, I dread going anywhere longer than 20 minutes....singing is the only way to comfort her. We sing alot.

Glad ya'll had fun!

Fleming Family said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting so many so we could relive the great week we had with y'all. I'm sure Christine is thrilled to be memorialized on your blog in her slip n slide picture!

Chris and Jen said...

I love all the pics, thanks so much for sharing them. What a great time with so many boys and a sweet little girl.


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