Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Yesterday was Cooper's 3rd birthday! Cooper has been telling us that he wanted to spend his birthday at the beach, so that is what we did! We packed up and headed out early yesterday morning and met Grandma, Kelsey, Callie, and Aunt Ann. We had a good time, but we didn't last too terribly long. We had a tent, but it still got really hot and we thought it was best to not have Claire in the heat too long. The boys had a blast and Claire got to show off her new swimsuit!

Claire chillin' in the stroller and showing off her new suit!

Posing for a picture

Cooper found the perfect seat.

Callie loves the sand- so much that she was eating it by the handful!

We headed home after lunch and took naps. Grandma, Kelsey, and Callie came over to the house to eat dinner, have cake, and open presents.
Cooper was so excited about his new front loader tractor!

Showing off his crop dusters!

Cooper eating his birthday meal in his new Batman goggles! And yes, Cooper doesn't have a shirt on- he spilled something water all over it and I just stripped him down and we didn't bother to get him dressed after that!

Finding Nemo Cake

Do you think he enjoyed his cake?

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Katie said...

Too cute! Wish we could have been there to celebrate.


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