Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This weekend we headed up to New Braunfels for Cody and Brittany's wedding. The kids did great on the drive except for the hundreds of potty breaks for the boys. They definitely got their Daddy's peanut bladder!!! Claire was amazing in the car and only cried the last 15 or so minutes of each 5-6 hour drive. Like I said... amazing! The wedding was beautiful, but we have definitely decided that weddings are just not enjoyable at this stage with our kids! It is more like chaotic and exhausting. We had a great time though getting to see family and introducing Claire to many new faces. I meant to get many more pictures like Claire and her cousin Maddie Grace, who are only 11 days apart, but like I said it was chaotic!

Great Aunt Sherry meeting Claire for the first time.

Tyler being silly at the rehearsal.

Cooper and Shelby hugging it out. These two are big buddies!

These two have so much fun together.

The munchkins walking to the rehearsal dinner.

Daddy and Claire at the rehearsal dinner. The food was yummy and the atmosphere was lovely.

Claire at the wedding minutes after having an explosive diaper. I just knew that was going to happen in her pretty dress! Just part of having a newborn, I guess.

Cody and Brother Ron

Tyler and the flower girl walking down the aisle. They did not even attempt to walk together! Here is Tyler stopping to blow kisses at his Grandma.

Tyler swinging the pillow around.

Tyler stopping to tell me hello! I had to remind him to keep walking. He looks so handsome!

The kiss

Mr. and Mrs. Cody Johnson

Brittany was a beautiful bride and we are all so happy she has officially joined the family!


Lauren Dempsey said...

Claire looks lovely in her rehearsal dinner dress!!

Kim and Ross said...

These are great pictures. I am stealing the ones with the kids and I am going to frame them. Shelby loves to look at them.


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