Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Feathered Friends

The other night I was sitting in the living room with Claire when I heard a tap on the glass of the back door. I turned around to see a duck tapping his beak on the window. I got up to take a peek and saw that the duck had seven ducklings waddling behind her. I thought they were so cute so I snapped a picture. The next morning we woke up and Travis looked out the master bedroom windows and saw that the ducks were back, but this time they were in the pool! We went to show the boys and they thought it was hilarious. By mid morning they were still in the pool and I realized they were trying to get out, but the ducklings weren't big enough to jump out and couldn't yet fly. The mama duck kept getting out and walking around and you could tell she was worried. I got a piece of wood to make a ramp from the top step in the pool to the sidewalk in hopes they would use it to get out of the pool. We left to go somewhere and when we came back that afternoon I went to check on the ducks and all but three ducklings were gone. I felt horrible that the ducklings were separated from their mama. I used the net to get them out and put them in the grass. They waddled off towards the fence in the backyard, but within thirty minutes they were back in the pool! The boys were so concerned for the ducks that they weren't with their mama. I kept reassuring them that if they were lost I would keep looking for them until I found them and the mama duck would come find the ducklings too. We left that evening and when we got home all of the ducklings were gone so hopefully the mama did come back for them!

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