Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tyler's Big Boy Room!

After Christmas we decided it was time to move Tyler to his big boy bed! We have had his bed and bedding for awhile and after we got back from traveling we went mattress shopping. The day we brought the mattress home, Tyler was SO excited we were setting up his bed. He just kept saying, "I want to go night night!" He has really done great in the transition to a big bed and I'm so glad. I was a little worried, especially about nap time. The first week we had to discipline him for getting out of his bed at nap time, but since then he really hasn't tried to get out. If he does, he knows he is going to get in trouble. His room is a work in progress, but I like how it has turned out. I went with a fishing theme and wanted to create a cabin type atmosphere. I bought bedding that he can grow up with even if we take all of the fishing stuff down. He is so proud of his new bed!

Tyler ready for bed!

A view from the doorway.

A closeup of the bed. Eventually the boys are going to share a room and I already have bedding that matches for Cooper. We are planning on buying the same bed for Cooper when we move him to a big bed.

The kids table where they color, read books, and work puzzles. I put decorative fish net up and hung old fishing lures all around it. I'm using it as a bulletin board and hanging the kids art from the hooks in the lures. This is one of my favorite parts of the room.

The bookshelf is now by the door.

We moved the train table from the gameroom into his room at the foot of his bed. This is the wall that is still a work in progress. It is just such a big empty wall. Any suggestions are welcome!


Dana said...

The room looks great! I can see why Tyler is so proud of his new room. The fishnet is a great idea and a wonderful bulletin board.

Jenn said...

So cute! I'm glad to hear that the transition is going smoothly. I can definitely see why he's proud of his new bed! I LOVE the fishnet bulletin board, by the way. Great idea!!!

Christa said...

Love it, Sarah. I love the fishing net too. I'm so glad he transitioned well. Isn't it funny how the things we think will be a big deal often aren't? Such a big boy.


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