Thursday, January 08, 2009

Trip to the Zoo!

Today I ventured out early this morning with the boys and headed to the Houston Zoo! We got a family membership to the zoo for Christmas- thanks Hoovers! It was a beautiful day for the zoo and was not crowded at all. Tyler has been begging to go back to the zoo since September when we went in Tyler while we were evacuating from Hurricane Ike. Tyler loved every minute of it, while Cooper was more hesitant. He liked seeing everything from the stroller or from my arms, but the minute an animal got to close or made a loud noise he came running back to me. In the children's zoo they have some large signs with buttons you can push to hear the animals sound. The sounds are pretty loud and it really sounds like the animal is right there next to you. When Tyler pushed the cow and a loud Moooooooooo came out, Cooper freaked out and would not stop crying. It was pretty funny. We had a picnic lunch while we were there and then headed home soon after. We got home and we ALL crashed! If we all need naps then you know we have had a fun day!

Tyler checking out the llama. Eat the food, Tina! (I just had to include that movie reference!)

Tyler poking his head out of the prarie dog holes. Cooper wanted to go in after he saw Tyler do it, but when I tried to get him to crawl in he chickened out.

Watching the zookeepers feed one of the animals.

Tyler is not quite tall enough to be a giraffe! Maybe one day.

When we were at the Orangutan exhibit the male came over to the window and just sat there and stared at us. Tyler got right up in his face and talked to him and I got the best picture with him!

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