Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Kids Have Taken Over

Unfortunately it is becoming a tradition in our family to be sick on or around Tyler's birthday. And not just sick- throwing up sick. The year Tyler was born a lot of our extended family had the stomach virus. People that even came to the hospital to visit us ended up sick the next day. Luckily our immediate family was spared. Last year we went to Broken Bone Ranch for Easter and Tyler's birthday. The birthday boy even had it last year and we think spread it to several other people.

Well, Tuesday night during the middle of the night I felt horrible and couldn't sleep. I finally started throwing up around 6 am. We got Tyler out of bed and he had thrown up and Travis wasn't far behind. Tyler bounced back quickly, not really ever showing signs of being sick. But Travis and I have not bounced back so quickly. We were quite pathetic yesterday switching off to take care of the kids while the other one slept. Luckily we felt worse at different times so we were able to help each other. We are feeling better today, but still very weak. We think it was from something we ate Tuesday night because we all got sick around the same time. I was so scared that it was the cupcakes I gave to all of the kids on Tyler's birthday, but luckily none of the kiddos that were over here got sick. So here are some pictures of what happens when the parents aren't feeling so well. The kids quickly start taking over the house.

The gameroom

The stairs- Tyler started throwing balls over the rail yesterday and I tried to get him to stop but I felt too weak to discipline. Oh well.

The foyer- this is all the stuff that Tyler decided needed to be thrown over the railing.

Family Room


Kim and Ross said...

Looks like my house everyday! Except I don't have any mobile kids making the mess. I make the mess!

Anonymous said...

You think she's joking, but it is the TRUTH!!!



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