Wednesday, April 23, 2008

9 Months!

Cooper is 9 months and growing like a weed. He weighs in at 2o lbs. 7 ounces (50th percentile) and is 29 inches long (90th percentile). He is really starting to show more of his personality and is becoming a happier baby. He isn't always whining and crying to be held, but don't get me wrong, we still have our moments! This month he has hit some milestones such as clapping, pulling up, crawling, and babbling- he says baba and dada. He loves being outside just like his brother. My favorite thing about Cooper is his gorgeous eyes and crazy hair. We have people laugh at his hair on a daily basis!

Playing outside.

Playing in his crib after naptime.

Look mama, I can pull myself up!

I'm going to drive the ladies wild with my gorgeous blue eyes and tan skin!

Where are my legs?

Riding on the four wheeler.


Callie said...

no way!! Your boys are so big!! We've got to get together soon...did you get my email?

The Berg Family said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! We are right behind you in age and weight at 18 months! E is 75% across the board except for the noggin- 90%... EEK! This summer we should have a baby bbq or something to get all the kiddos together. Let me know if you are ever at the zoo or childrens museum since we live so close to them.

Kelsey and Charlie said...

Those eyes are killer! He's too precious!

Anonymous said...'re too cute! We miss ya'll and can't wait till we live close enough to have weekend sleepovers!!
Love, the Hortons

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Hi Sarah! Your boys are too cute! I love reading about the milestones and temper tantrums. Avery is only 5 months old and I already predict some pretty severe temper tantrums in our future. I never sent you a Thank You note for my wonderful OTB...(at least I don't think I did). I guess a late 'thank you' is better than not at all, and with two boys you know how time slips away. It was very thoughtful and sweet of you to do that. Have a great day!


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