Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Rodeo Time!!!

We ventured out to the rodeo this weekend with the Murthas' since we got awesome tickets through Travis' work. We ended up taking the kiddos with us and I'm pretty sure Tyler had the most fun out of anyone. We were in a box at the rodeo so food and drinks were included and Tyler ate like a pig. But he mostly ate cotton candy, ice cream, brownies, and cornbread muffins. There were several other families there and one family had seven children (they were older), but all of their daughters were loving on our kids all night. They begged me to hold Cooper and help feed him. It was really sweet and actually helped me to enjoy myself more. Tyler cracked us up when the concert started. He immediately started dancing along with his friend, Samuel. The video is of them dancing.

One of the girls holding Cooper. Of course Cooper wouldn't have any of it because he is such a Mama's boy and it was getting close to his bedtime!

Tyler watching the Rodeo festivites.

Tyler watching the Calf Scramble (my favorite part of the rodeo)

The Murtha girls enjoying some cotton candy.

Tyler chowing down on some cotton candy.

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Christa said...

Sarah, I'm so happy that you got this on film, since I missed it. Darin was telling me how much fun it was.
This is so neat (Ashley isn't the only one "new" to the blog). What can I say, I'm old! I'll have to give it a shot too - hopefully it's not too hard!

Hope you all had fun at your folks' house last week. See you soon, and have a happy Easter!


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