Friday, July 27, 2007

Tyler is Home!

Tyler is home! We are so happy to have Tyler back at home with us. He seems HUGE and looks like he grew so much while we were gone. It's probably just because we have been carrying a newborn around all week, but there is no way I lugged him around while I was pregnant!

Tyler did extremely well with Cooper tonight. He was very interested in him and smiled at him when he was checking him out. He kept signing "baby" over and over and pointing at him. He even helped push the swing when we had Cooper in it. I think we will have to work on being gentle around the baby though. He has already tried poking at his eye and pushing the swing a little too hard. Overall, we are pleased with how their first day together went.

Tyler checking Cooper out.

Tyler "driving" Travis' truck.


The Wiggins Kids said...

Yeah, we're still trying to learn how to be gentle. Carlee does the same thing. Why do all children love to touch the face?

Travis said...

Hey woman! Post some pictures!


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