Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Will and Papa!

Last weekend we headed to College Station to celebrate Will's 4th birthday. Papa Fleming also turned 57 on the same day! We got to see Will with some of his friends and help him celebrate the big day. Later that afternoon we went swimming in the Hoover's pool. The boys had a blast.

Reese going down the slide at the park.

Daddy bouncing Tyler on the inflatable jumper.

Where are my legs?

Will handing out party favors and hugs!

Tyler and Reese enjoying an afternoon swim.

Do it again Daddy!!!

Will pouring buckets of water on Reese. Reese thought it was hilarious!

Papa taking Reese and Tyler for a spin.

Mama pushing Tyler around in the car.

1 comment:

Kelsey and Charlie said...

Tyler looks like he has too much fun with his cousins! I can't believe there's gonna be another boy to join in soon.


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