Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Favorite Things

I thought I would list a few of Tyler's favorite things at 9 months. He is really developing a little personality which is fun, but can make some days interesting. He is a ball of energy and always wants to be on the move. By the way, Tyler is finally getting a tooth!!! I can feel it coming through the gums! Yeah! Anyway, here is my list and some pictures to go along with it.

Favorite Things
1. Bathtime!!!
2. Riding in his Dump Truck. His Daddy pushes him all around the house. Tyler is a perfect fit!
3. Screaming at the top of his lungs- not to show anger or sadness, just to hear his voice!
4. Swinging in the backyard.
5. Jumping up and down in his crib after naptime.
6. Walking with his walker. His cousin Reese showed him how it's done this weekend.
7. Drinking water out of Mama or Daddy's glass. He thinks this is hilarious!
8. Opening and closing doors and cabinets.
9. Playing with his cousins and watching bigger kids.
10. Watching and playing with Crockett. He especially likes it when Crockett licks his feet!

Least Favorite Things
1. Trying new table foods. He makes the most awful faces and scrunches up his nose.
2. Getting his diaper changed. He obviously has more important things to do.
3. Putting on or taking off clothes. Again, more important things to do.
4. He hates being the last kid in the nursery. The nursery workers always tell me that he freaks out whenever church lets out and all the parents walk by the nursery. I guess he thinks we aren't coming to pick him up.

Giving us his squinty-eyed smile in the Dump Truck.

Riding in the Dump Truck!

Stealing Reese's walker!

Trying to keep up with Reese. Reese did not like Tyler trying to walk with him at all!


Dana said...

The list of favorite and least favorite things are so neat to read. Thanks for posting them so we get to stay up on his doings. A tooth coming through--yea! The pictures are so cute!

Christine said...

that picture of Reese and Tyler is hilarious...


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