Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cooper's Kitchen

Cooper will be 5 on Tuesday and this weekend we celebrated with a Chef's party!  It was so much fun and I think the kids enjoyed creating all of their masterpieces.  We started off by making individual pizzas.  Papa Murphy's has boxed kits for kids to build their own pizzas, so we bought those for each of the kids which made it super easy on us!  Then while the pizzas were baking we played a game where we blindfolded the kids and we gave them something to eat and they had to guess what it was.  One of the little boys was awesome at guessing the correct item.  Then the kids made fruit skewers for appetizers and we finished off with the kids decorating cookie cakes for dessert.  We finally had to just take the icing away from them!  Some of the little girls were just sitting there eating sprinkles the whole time!  It was hilarious!  I think they really had fun decorating their cakes!

Chef Cooper waiting on his guests to arrive! 

Grandma and the Top Chef 

 Me and the littlest chef

 Cooper and Claire ready to create yummy treats

 The table

 Claire working hard on her pizza

 Callie spreading her sauce

 The boys working hard

 Chef Tyler

 Love this picture of Jackson

 The boys enjoying their pizzas


 Brooklynn and Callie enjoying their delicious pizzas

 Time for ICING!!!

 The girls were a little more delicate in their use of icing.  You can see Callie on the left with her hand in the sprinkles getting her a bite of pure sugar!

 One of the finished products!  None of the parents were brave enough to try it!  I can't imagine why?

 Cooper blowing out his birthday candle

Claire decided she needed to be part of the mustache club!

We had so much fun celebrating Cooper!  It's hard to believe he is 5!  I love this sweet, little boy.  He is kind and compassionate and just easy to be around.  We love you, buddy!!!

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Kelly said...

Really cute idea, Sarah! I love it!


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