Friday, July 22, 2011

Finished Projects

I finally finished my picture frames and kitchen table and thought I would share the finished products. Last night we framed the pictures and hung the picture frames in the Living Room. I think they turned out great and I love the pictures!

Here are some pictures of the kitchen table. I still want Travis to stain the top darker. I'll just add that to his mile long "honey-do" list!

This week has been pretty crummy. Claire got hand, foot, and mouth this week starting on Tuesday and she is still covered in a rash and blisters. I'm going stir crazy and the boys are too, but I can't get out with her and don't see an end in sight. We did get to go to the doctor this morning for Cooper's 4 year shots. That's always fun!!! We were supposed to go to Corpus on Monday to visit a good friend, but had to cancel because my friend, Christina is pregnant and can't be exposed to hand, foot, and mouth or anyone who has had it or been exposed because of the potential harm to the baby. I'm really bummed because we've been trying to get together all summer. The good news is that next Saturday we leave for our big family vacation with my family! We are all so excited to get away and have some fun and leave our worries behind! The boys keep asking me if it's time to pack yet. They already have their backpacks full of stuff for the airplane. Silly boys!

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Jessi said...

WOW! The frames and the table look awesome! Great job!

Sorry to hear about Claire...poor baby. BUT yay for family vacation...sounds like after a week (or longer)in the house, the vacation will be extra FUN!

Miss seeing you guys!


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