Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Kid's Bathroom!

We FINALLY finished the Kid's Bathroom last night! It has been in the works for about a year now. Sometimes I get so frustrated with how much we have left to do on the house, but when I pulled up our "before" pictures I realize just how much we have done! We left nothing untouched in this bathroom. We painted cabinets, replaced hardware, countertops, lighting, faucets, and tile. I think it turned out really nice. Here are the before pics:

Look at that awful wallpaper! At least it came down easy!!!

I had Travis make a frame for the mirror and he did a fantastic job. I got the idea from here and it made a big difference in the room feeling complete.

I have some hand towels that my sister-in-law is currently monogramming with a "J" for the towel ring.


Flo said...

Looks great, Sarah! Why doesn't EVERYONE frame their mirrors? It looks so custom!

Kelly said...

Wow! That looks amazing, Sarah!

Fleming Family said...

Looks great Sarah! You are a great decorator!!


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