Saturday, April 09, 2011

Monster Jam Party

Tyler had his Monster Jam birthday party today at the park. We used Tyler's Power Wheels Truck and borrowed two other jeeps from friends and let the kids drive around the park. Travis built ramps for the kids to drive over and everyone had a great time despite the 40 plus mph winds! I had the table cover taped down with duct tape and it still wouldn't stay down. Here are some pics from the party.

Tyler and Ethan taking the jeep for a spin.

Tomas and Cooper in the Ford.

We borrowed a pink Barbie Jeep for the girls to ride in and I think the boys drove it more than anything. It actually went the fastest which the boys liked!

The Monster Truck Cake that I made for Tyler. The truck is supposed to be raised on pillars, but because of the wind we had to just put it on the dirt cake below.

Tyler and his sweet friend, Lily. We might have a similar picture 15 years from now!

Josiah and Laney

Sweet Lily

Cooper jumping one of the ramps

Towards the end the trucks were losing battery power. Somebody got stuck and everyone joined in to push the jeep back up the hill.

Getting ready for cake!

Opening presents

Jackson showing off his party favor! I found some fun monster truck tire cups online and bought them for the kids.


sebrister said...

Such great ideas, Sarah, and what a wonderful cake-maker you are! Love these pictures!

Kelsey said...

So fun! Great job on the cake!


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