Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Little Monkeys

Yesterday morning Claire began waking up from her morning nap. Cooper asked if he could go talk to her and I said yes. Since he was busy entertaining her I figured I would start making lunch and have it ready before I got her out of bed. I heard lots of giggling from her room and when I finally went to get her out of the crib I found two monkeys in her crib- Cooper and Claire! Cooper had crawled in her crib to play with her. It gave me a good laugh. So this afternoon after her nap both of the boys thought it would be funny to get in her crib and play with her. They threw some toys over and climbed in and played a while in there. Claire thought it was great and enjoyed every minute of it!

My three little monkeys jumping on the bed!

After getting them out of the crib I got a cute picture of all three of them in the rocking chair.

The littlest monkey

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, mom! Get me outta here!


Callie said...

carson used to do this....until he jumped hard enough and BROKE Caroline's bed! Fun times!

Flo said...

Last picture = PRECIOUS!


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