Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guest Room Remodel

We have finally been finishing up some things around here. We are getting closer and closer to being done with the remodel and we are both SO READY! This has taken way longer than I imagined, but it has been well worth it in the end. So I'm ready to reveal the guest room. This is by far one of my favorite rooms in the house. It just seems so inviting and cozy. You might just have to come visit to see for yourself! Now onto the pictures!

This picture shows the lovely maroon carpet that the previous owners installed. In this room we scraped the popcorn ceiling, installed new doors, painted trim, installed hardwood floors, and installed a new window to replace the glass block windows you see in the picture below.

The glass block window that we replaced. The guest room was added on to the original house by the previous home owners. I have no idea why they put a slender glass block window in this room, but it had to go! We installed some new windows in our sunroom and recycled one of the windows and installed it in this room.

Shelving the previous home owners installed since they used the room as an office. We ended up taking it out because it made the room so much smaller.

Looking from the guest room into the sunroom.

Here are the afters:
Most of this room I bought in Canton! The bed, bedding, chair, side table, shutters, and accessories all came from Canton. The bed and bedding were the same that I had in the old house.

A view from the other side of the room.

I still need to add something to this wall. I know what I want to do, but I haven't found what I need to complete it, and frankly I haven't had time!

I love this little table I found in Canton. Just wanted to add a close up!

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