Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tyler Update

Tyler helping me make sugar cookies.

Tyler wanted to help Daddy paint Claire's room.

Working in construction at the Children's Museum.

Tyler is almost 4 and is VERY excited about his upcoming birthday. He constantly talks about how he wants to have a birthday party and who he would like to attend. He also knows that Claire will be here soon after his birthday.

Tyler loves going to school and has become really good buddies with another little boy in his class. He is very outgoing and will pretty much talk to anyone, which cracks me up because Travis and I were not like that as little kids. Tyler is very smart and has been doing great memorizing his verses for AWANA. He is always asking about the time, the day of the week, and where we are going to go during the day. Tyler loves helping us around the house- cleaning, cooking, or working in the yard. For whatever reason, Tyler HATES wearing long-sleeves. Thankfully we live in a warm climate and he will be able to wear short sleeves the majority of the year.

Tyler is generally a very sweet boy but he has been going through a hard stage at home right now- he is constantly testing us with his lack of obedience and we are trying discipline him consistently. He is very obedient at school so that makes me feel good and I was very happy to find that out from his teacher. I know that all kiddos go through this, but it is exhausting! The other day he was running from me because he didn't want to be disciplined and I was waddling through the house trying to catch him!!! I'm usually quick on my feet, but at 30 weeks pregnant I'm not so quick!
We have also had some great times with Tyler recently. One day recently we were playing in the treehouse and it was a gorgeous day. I was telling the boys what a beautiful day it was and I asked them who made the beautiful day for us. They replied that God had made the day for us. Tyler then went on to say that maybe one day we could go to God's house. I went on to tell him that if he believed in Jesus that one day he would get to go to God's house. I told him that Mommy and Daddy believed in Jesus and we would get to go to God's house one day. He told me that he believed in Jesus and of course Cooper chimed in that he believed in Jesus too! A couple days later Tyler randomly told me that he hoped Claire would get to God's house. I told him that I also hoped that Claire would get to go. It is so sweet to hear them talk about Jesus and I hope that one day they will get to go to God's house.

We love you, Tyler!


Kelsey said...

That makes me tear up. He's so sweet!

Fleming Family said...

I love the pictures of Tyler. He is the BEST HELPER I've ever seen. I couldn't believe how hard he worked raking leaves at our house over a year ago when he was even younger. That's a great character trait! Love you Tyler!


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