Friday, December 18, 2009

Things I Love!

I love when my boys play well together and you can hear them running around the house laughing and using their imaginations!

I love DVR! Especially at 6:00 in the morning when my 3 year old wakes me up and asks to watch a certain cartoon. I can put the cartoon on and go back to bed for a few more minutes!

I love when my kids say silly and funny things. Some things the boys have said in the past couple of days:
Tyler ran in after church on Wednesday night and exclaimed, "Mom, I made you a hornament for the Christmas tree!"

Last night at dinner Cooper told us he had seen some green beans at the zoo one day. He said they were swimming around in the water!

I love when my kids use their manners without any prompting!

And by far the thing I love most is when I tell my boys I love them and I hear a "I love you, too!" back!

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Fleming Family said...

I love all those things about the boys! Thanks for the Christmas card with the boys' picture. They look so cute! Give them hugs and kisses from Gram.


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