Monday, April 23, 2007

We're Back!

We are back from our vacation and trying to recover. Travis is busy at work and I'm busy trying to get unpacked and get laundry started. I'm also about to make a run to the grocery store so we don't starve to death. Although, Travis and I both probably have some extra weight we didn't have before that our bodies could feed off of for awhile! We had a great time and I'll post some pictures later of our trip. I thought this picture was a fun picture of Tyler that someone got at Easter. It made us laugh!

Tyler is officially walking now! He is really cruising and loves it! He is cracking us up and we missed him so much on our trip. He is learning new tricks everyday and while we were gone he learned to sign, "hat" and is now shaking his head yes! He is also snapping which is the weirdest thing ever. What kid knows how to snap? It's really funny and we have absolutely know idea why or where he picked this up. We also made a trip to the doctor today to get his eye examined again and we are canceling the procedure we had scheduled for Friday! It appears that his tear duct has cleared on its own! Praise the Lord! We are so excited we don't have to make him go through that. Well, I'm off to the grocery store!

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