Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend in Harlingen

Well, we survived our first major road trip with Tyler. We all traveled to Harlingen for Kelsey's wedding. Tyler was really great in the car and it helped that one of us could sit in the back seat with him if he needed some entertainment. We didn't get much sleep the entire weekend between all of the festivities and sharing a room with Tyler who decided he didn't really want to sleep most of the weeknd. Sarah's mom and dad came down as well to help with Tyler and we would have never survived without them. Tyler did great at the wedding and reception even on little sleep.

We had some drama on the way home to Houston on Sunday. About two hours into our trip the AC went out in the car. We pulled into a Whataburger in Kingsville because we were worried about Tyler in the heat and ran into Uncle Dale and Aunt Linda. Sarah and Tyler rode with them to Refugio while Travis drove in the heat. Then Travis' cousin Katy and her boyfriend picked us up in Refugio and drove us into Houston. Needless to say we were all glad to be home on Sunday.

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