Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Johnson Update

We have all been keeping busy lately. Two weeks ago, Christine came over and we shopped until we dropped! We had so much fun and Travis babysat Tyler so we could go kid-less for the day! It was wonderful. This past weekend Sarah and Tyler visited Gram and Papa in Tyler. Christine and the boys were there as well and we had a good visit. Tyler has started laughing and squealing a little bit. Gram had him laughing a lot during our visit. It is the cutest little laugh. This weekend the Johnsons are coming to visit. Grandma is going to babysit on Saturday night because we have tickets to the Lion King! I'm really looking forward to seeing it and having a night out on the town.

The house is showing often and we just got some feedback from a showing yesterday and the realtor said our house was in the top 3 for this family! That is excellent news. We think we will probably be able to sell the house fairly quickly which is very exciting. We will keep you updated!

Travis is going fishing next weekend so hopefully he will have something to post after his trip!

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